About Us

Founded in 1994 by Mr. Prataprai Mehta and his sons, Blossom Silk Mills Pvt Ltd remains a privately owned 3rd generation family business with a proud heritage and diverse expertise in textiles and fabrics. As a family owned and operated business in Mumbai, Blossom has grown to become one of India's leading suppliers of home furnishing textiles in the last three decades.

Blossom is one of the largest and most reputed textile manufacturers of its type in India. With a reputation built on contemporary and innovative designs and outstanding value, Blossom continues to grow and maintain its position as a key supplier in the home furnishings industry.

Why choose us?

Relying on almost three decades of experience in providing the best selection of fabrics and designs, we are your most trusted source for a variety of products. Season after season, our acclaimed collections have developed an exciting direction, establishing new trends widely in India.

We follow a systematic process of designing, manufacturing and supplying our goods with the aim of providing the best to our customers.

1. Unique Combination of Fabrics and Designs
We carefully choose the best quality of fabrics and curate dynamic designs for our customers
2. Highest Standards of Quality
All our products go through a 4-step quality check before they are dispatched to our customers
3. Fast and Efficient Service
We try to make sure that majority of the orders we receive are dispatched within 24 hours
4. Excellent Customer Support Service
We are just one call away for all your queries and concerns


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What We Do?

In order to keep up with the changing choices of our customers, we develop new fabrics and designs every month. Other than our collection of stunning curtains and furnishing fabrics, we also customize designs and manufacture fabrics to our client's highest specification.

Our Products

We offer exceptional quality of textiles along with a commitment to large stock holdings and excellence in customer  

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