About Us

Founded in 1994 by Mr. Prataprai Mehta and his sons, Blossom Silk Mills Pvt Ltd remains a privately owned 3rd generation family business with a proud heritage and diverse expertise in textiles and fabrics. As a family owned and operated business in Mumbai, Blossom has grown to become one of India’s leading suppliers of home furnishing textiles in the last three decades.

Blossom is one of the largest and most reputed textile manufacturers of its type in India. With a reputation built on contemporary and innovative designs and outstanding value, Blossom continues to grow and maintain its position as a key supplier in the home furnishings industry.

What We Do

In order to keep up with the changing choices of our customers, we develop new fabrics and designs every month. Other than our collection of stunning curtains and furnishing fabrics, we also customize designs and manufacture fabrics to our client's highest specification.

We stock a million meters of fabric at any one time, with a monthly capacity for 100,000 meters to inward and 80,000 meters to go out as goods for sourcing and retail needs. But perhaps the most impressive fact of all is that despite the large figures, individual rolls can be located and retrieved within minutes, thanks to our computerized stock control. And as we aim to strive for customer satisfaction, our priority is to fill their orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. We make sure that majority of the orders are dispatched within twenty-four hours.

Despite its size and standing, the company has not lost the personal touch. All enquiries, whether from wholesalers, distributors, retailers, architects, builders, interior designers or members of the public, are welcomed with the same warmth, courtesy and professionalism for which the company is renowned.

Our value of people extends to the range of suppliers that we are proud to call a part of the Blossom family. It is our long-standing partnerships with these companies that allow us to provide the best customer journey from the beginning to the end of purchasing textiles from us. We work together as a team to put our customers first and deliver solutions for their projects.